VT Untapped

Episode 11: Meet Cute 2020!

February 12, 2020

‘How did you meet?’ is probably one of the most common questions couples receive. In the spirit of Valentine’s day we’re sharing another round of these love stories recorded by VFC staff through interviews with friends and neighbors.

So what do we mean by “Meet Cute”? Well, the term refers to the conditions under which two potential partners meet—trust us, it’s in the Oxford English Dictionary. Last year in Episode 4 we shared three stories of Vermonters finding love, and this year we’ve got three new ones for you. It’s 2020 after all, so some folks meet on Tinder, some owe it to the Seven Days personals, and thank goodness, some still meet in a good, old fashioned, hipster coffee shop! Hear them all in this month’s episode!

We are slowly growing our “meet cute” collection and we have more stories than we could fit in the episode so be sure to check out this playlist to hear them all! Some are from earlier interviews and some more recent. All are pretty darn cute!

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